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Just Getting Started Small and Medium businesses that need advanced fulfilment, marketing and reports
Product Management
Inventory Management
Multiple Warehouses----
Integrated Logistics
Serviceable Locations
Partial Fulfilment Support--
Package Costs--
Banners & Content
Featured Products
Template Management
Embed Snippets--
Customer Management
Out of stock--
Campaign Management--
Push Notifications----
WhatsApp integration------
Bulk SMS------
Daily Summary
Sales Tax Report
Low Stock--
Recently Added--
Business Intelligence----

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You are offering your service for free? What's the catch?

There is no catch - We want to invite businesses from around the world to start building their store on Omnibus, and through the process help us build a wonderful community of sellers. And that's why we made it free. Naturally, we believe in fair use of software as we need to support ourselves, and we have set a few limitations. These limitations are listed in our subsequent FAQ

What are the limitations in the Free version?

The features available in the free version along with the exclusions are detailed out in the comparison table. Beyond those, here are the limitations: (a) You will be limited to 10K products. Please upgrade your plan to extend the limit

Are there any additional expenses beyond this?

Our pricing includes the price of our software, hosting and maintenance. Beyond this, the following are common charges: (a) Payment Gateway - Payment Gateways typically charge a small percentage of each transaction that goes through them. Refer to their website for their charges.

What kind of support do you offer?

We have multiple types of support: (a) We have written extensive documents, guides and create videos for your assistance and linked them within the application (b) We have created a forum where you can find answers to your questions or post your own questions and the team at Omnibus or the community will answer them for you (c) We have a contact us page through which you can reach out to us for custom problems. If you are looking for additional support beyond this, we do offer premium support for our enterprise customers. Contact us to know more about this.

Can I upgrade my account?

Absolutely - You can upgrade your account at any time. At this point, we have not yet enabled self-service upgrades and you will have to contact us to upgrade your account.

I am looking for a specific feature. Will you add it? Do you charge for it?

We are a customer-centric company and we encourage our customers to share their requirements with us. Our product team will review your request and decide on the path forward. If we decide to take it forward, our team will decide on the pricing. We have taken feedback from our customers and developed several features for free as well.

Can I add Google Analytics to my website?

Yes, you can - Omnibus has a feature called Embed Scripts that helps you easily manage this. We have written a guide on this for your reference. You will find it in our help centre.

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